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Manufacturer of Dough Atta Kneader Machine

Manufacturer of Dough Atta Kneader Machine Machine

Gaurang Enterprise is a leading manufacturer of Dough Atta Kneader Machine, providing innovative solutions for efficient dough preparation in the culinary industry.
With a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, we offer a range of high-performance kneaders designed to meet the diverse needs of our clients.
We craft our Dough Atta Kneader Machines with precision engineering and superior materials to ensure durability and optimal performance.
Culinary professionals utilize Dough Atta Kneader Machines as specialized machines for kneading dough. These machines are designed to mix and knead dough ingredients, including flour, water, and additives, to create a smooth and elastic dough.
Powerful motors and specially designed mixing blades or arms equip the Dough Atta Kneader Machines, facilitating the rotation and folding of the dough for even mixing and consistent texture.
Bakeries, restaurants, and food production facilities commonly employ these machines to prepare dough for various products such as bread, pizza dough, pastries, and more.


Machine Name: Atta Kneader Machine
Model: Available in 7 kg To 50 kg
Electric Motor: 0.75 To 2 HP Single Phase And Three Phase Also
Production Capacity: 7 kg To 50 Kg
Machine Weight: 40 kg mini. To 145 kg Max.
Usage/Application: Atta Mixer Machine


Includes different blades and juice extractor
Comes in a polycarbonate jar
Can be used for kneading, chopping, and more

Gaurang Enterprise is Manufacturer of Dough Atta Kneader Machine.
For more details, please have a professional conversation with you / your team.


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