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Farsi Puri Making Machine in Ahmedabad

Farsi Puri Making Machine in Ahmedabad

Gaurang Enterprise specializes in Manufacturer of Farsi Puri Making Machine, offering innovative solutions for efficient and precise production. Farsi Puri Making Machine in Ahmedabad.
Our food-grade stainless steel machines are designed to reduce snack production costs for various food outlets.
Farsi Puri Making Machine is a piece of food technology used to create Farsi Puri, an Indian fried bread.
The machine comprises of a hopper for the dough, a roller for shaping the dough into circles, and a frying chamber for frying the circles.
The machine can quickly manufacture a huge number of Farsi Puris, making it a popular choice for enterprises who offer Farsi Puris or other fried foods.

Machine Details:

Machine Name: Farshi Puri Making Machine
Model Number: Available In Different Models
Electric Motor: 1 HP Single Phase
Production Capacity: Depend On Size and Shape
Machine Size: 63″ x 23″ x 45″
Machine Weight: 135kg
Usage/Application: Cutting Raw Farshi puri


Automatic operation: The machine operates automatically, eliminating the need for manual labor.
High production capacity: The machine can produce a large number of Farsi Puris in a short amount of time.
This makes it a good choice for businesses that need to produce a lot of Farsi Puris quickly.
Easy to use: The machine is relatively easy to use.
Durable construction: The machine’s construction from durable materials ensures its ability to withstand the rigors of commercial use.

Gaurang Enterprise is supplier of Farsi Puri Making Machine in Ahmedabad and varouse locations like Airport Ashram Road, Baldana, Barejam, CG Road, Chekhla, Ellise Bridge, Hathijan, Khanpur, Lal Darwaja, Maninagar, Motera Railway Station, SG Road, Shahibaug, Vasna Vejalpur, Vaishavdevi, Sanand, Sarkhej, Gandhinagar,Etc.
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